NLSV1T34DFT2G Marking Q 6

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Original NLSV1T34DFT2G Marking Q 6 Voltage Level Shifter Voltage Level Translator 2 Low Voltage Translation on Antminer S19+ hash board

The NLSV1T34 is a 1−bit configurable dual−supply voltage level translator. The input An and output Bn ports are designed to track two different power supply rails, VCCA and VCCB respectively. Both supply rails are configurable from 0.9 V to 4.5 V allowing universal low−voltage translation from the input An to the output Bn port.

• Wide VCCA and VCCB Operating Range: 0.9 V to 4.5 V
• High−Speed w/ Balanced Propagation Delay
• Inputs and Outputs have OVT Protection to 4.5 V
• Non−preferential VCCA and VCCB Sequencing
• Power−Off Protection
• Power−Off High Impedance Inputs and Outputs
• NLV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC−Q100 Qualified and PPAP Capable
• These are Pb−Free Devices Typical
• Mobile Phones, PDAs, Other Portable Devices

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