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We are a professional supplier of Miner parts and maintenance materials.

Over the years, we have cooperated and served hundreds of Miner maintenance companies and large famous Miner farms. We have an experienced and forward-looking design team that is always updating products to meet market demands…..

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Upgrade Miner, Make miner run more efficiently!


We offer new or used miners including Antminer whatsminer and so on.

Miner Parts

We Provide High Quality Brand New Original Miner Parts, One-Stop Shopping Is Simpler And Easier.

Miner Materials

We provide high-quality, easy-to use miners for easier maintenance

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Our Design

Antminer S19 upgraded water cooling Kit


No Need Fan Any More

Energy Saving & Green

Reduce power consumption; Can increase more rate by over clocking(S19 T19 30%, S19 Pro 60%); Recycle

Reduce cost

Reduce Failure Rate / Save Maintenance Cost, No Dust And Corrosion From Air Cooling

easy to go

Only 5 steps

Upgraded Antminer S17 series heat sinks

Stable performance

The latest version after many improvements, Good cooling

Save maintenance cost

Several improvements are made to maintain its optimal cooling performance, and electrostatic coating is used to protect the circuit;

A better price to resell

The heat dissipation problem of the S17 miner is solved, the transaction price is higher, and the problem of the heat sink falling off during transportation is solved, and the transaction is easier

Easy to go

Only  6 Steps

Buy it! Let your Miners run faster and cheaper!

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