MP1517 MP1517DR


MP1517 MP1517DR

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Original MP1517 MP1517DR MP1517DR-LF-Z marking MPSD31 1517DR Boost Switching Regulator IC for Antminer S17 S19 Series Hashboard
The MP1517 is a 3A, fixed frequency step-up converter ideal for medium-to-high current step-up, flyback and SEPIC applications. The high 1.1MHz switching frequency allows for smaller external components producing a compact solution for size constrained cameras, PDAs and cell phones. The low 0.7V feedback voltage offers higher efficiency in white LED driver applications including cell phone camera flash. The MP1517 regulates the output voltage up to 25V with efficiencies as high as 95%. Soft-start, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, and input under voltage lockout prevent overstressing or damage to sensitive external circuitry at startup and output short-circuit conditions. Current-mode regulation and external compensation components allow the MP1517 control loop to be optimized over a wide variety of input voltage, output voltage, and load current conditions. The MP1517 is available in the thermally enhanced QFN16 (4mm x 4mm) package.

• 4A Peak Current Limit
• Low 700mV Feedback Threshold
• Internal 150mΩ Power Switch
• Input Range of 2.6V to 25V
• Up to 95% Efficiency
• Zero Current Shutdown Mode
• Under Voltage Lockout Protection
• Open Load Protection
• Soft-Start Operation
• Thermal Shutdown
• Tiny 4mm x 4mm 16-Pin QFN Package

• Boost and SEPIC Regulators
• Handheld Computers
• Cell Phone Camera Flash, PDAs
• Digital Still and Video Cameras

Additional information

Weight 0.013 公斤
Product Name

MP1517 MP1517DR MP1517DR-LF-Z


Step-Up Converter

Product Type:

Switching Voltage Regulators

Input Voltage

2.6 V to 25 V

Operating Supply Current

900 uA

Maximum Operating Temperature

+ 85 C

Minimum Operating Temperature

– 40 C

Switching Frequency

1.1 MHz

Output Voltage

3.3 V to 25 V

Output Current

3 A

Input Voltage, Min

2.6 V

Input Voltage, Max

25 V

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