BM1368PB and tin tool for S21 T21


BM1368PB and tin tool

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  • Application: Antminer S21 T21 & Bitaxe Supra BM1368
  • The chip needs to be used with Tin tool then can work.
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New BM1368 BM1368PB And tin tool for Antminer S21 T21 & hdyro and Bitaxe Supra BM1368 

BM1368PB BM1368PB ASIC chip is the perfect replacement chip for the Antminer S21 T21 And Bitaxe Supra bm1368! It offers faster hashing speeds and lower power consumption, making it ideal for your mining needs. By replacing the faulty BM1368PB BM1368AA chip, the faulty miner can achieve maximum profit benefits and help the miner restore the normal mining rate.

  • BM1368PB has arrived , You can make a reservation, or just place an order without paying. We will notify you immediately when the goods arrive.
  • BM1368AA has in stock but small. It is recommended that you order BM1368PB first.

Bitaxe is a fully open-source hardware Bitcoin ASIC miner. Ultra is the 3rd major revision of the Bitaxe that includes the BM1366 ASIC chip from Antminer S19XP. Supra is the 4th revision that includes a BM1368 ASIC Chip from Antminer S21. A 5V DC power supply with 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack connector is included with Bitaxe. US to EU plug adapter included with all overseas orders.

Powered by the AxeOS, an open-source firmware that gives you full control over your mining. Change settings and monitor performance on a modern web-interface.

Standalone: can mine directly to your pool over WiFi. No External computer needed.
Embedded: low cost, low maintenance, high availability, high reliability, low power.
ASIC: based on the very efficient BM1366/BM1368 from Bitmain.
Versatile: solo/pool mining, autotune power/heat/efficiency.
ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 Wi-Fi microcontroller on board
TI TPS40305 buck regulator steps down the 5V input to power the BM1366/BM1368
Maxim DS4432U+ current DAC digitally adjusts the BM1366/BM1368 core voltage from 0.04V to 2.4V
TI INA260 power meter measures the input voltage and current of the miner
Microchip EMC2101 PWM controls the fan and monitors tach output. Measuring internal die temp isn’t working.
0.91″ SSD1306 OLED I2C Display Module

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