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S19xp Hashboard Accessories

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  • Application: Antminer S19xp
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Commonly used in Antminer S19xp Hashboard accessories

1. BM1366AL Hash board ASIC chip for Antminer S19XP and S19XP Hydro Miners
2. BM1366AG Hash board ASIC chip for Antminer S19XP and S19XP Hydro Miners
3. Upgrade your Antminer S19XP hashboard with the SGM8304 operational amplifier module. Improve mining efficiency and performance
4. BA1U 0.8V LDO Chip for Antminer L7 and S19xp Hash Board
5. Antminer S19XP Tin Tool
6. 1SMB5924BT3G 3W 9.1V patch Zener diode 924B Silkscreen for Antminer S19XP Hash board
7. 47uF 50V SMD High Performance Capacitor for Antminer S19+ S19xp Hash Board Replacement
8. Marking 1R80 SMD 1206 High-Quality Resistor for Antminer S19 S19xp Hash Board
9. DSK24 Marking K24 2A 40V High Performance Schottky Diode for Antminer S19J PRO and S19XP Hash Board
10. Antminer C87 Control Board for Antminer L7 S19 Series Miners
11. Marking G337 2V T520V337M004ATE012 Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor for Antminer Hash Board
12. MP2019GN Marking MP2019 LDO Voltage Regulator 40V LQ Current Adjustable Output Linear Regulator for Antminer S17 T17 S19 T19
13. SN74AUP1T34DCKR Marking U2E High Performance Voltage Level Shifter for Antminer S19 and L7 series Hash board
14. SN74LVC1G126DCKR Marking CN5 CNF Signal Voltage Conversion Chip for Antminer 19 series Hash board
15. S19XP Test Fixture
16. Solder Paste
17. GEL
18. Original DF1203812B2UN 12V 2.7A 4Pin 6000RPM Cooling Fan

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BM1366AG, BM1366AL, Tin tool, 1R80 Resistor, 1SMB5924BT3G, 47uF 50V SMD, A113D Control board, BA1U 0.8V LDO, Ctrl-C87 Control Board, DF1203812B2UN 12V 2.7A Cooling Fan, DSK24 Marking K24, G337 Capacitor, GEL, MP2019GN Marking MP2019 LDO, S19XP Test Fixture, SGM8304 operational amplifier module, SN74AUP1T34DCKR Marking U2E, SN74LVC1G126DCKR Marking CN5 CNF, Solder Paste