Requirements for maintenance platform / tool / equipment preparation

1. Platform requirements: Rubber mat maintenance platform (the platform needs to be grounded), anti static wrist band and ground connection.

3.Testing tool requirements: Antminer S17e Antminer T17e PSU APW9 + power supply (APW9 +_14.5V-21V_V2.01 (470uF450V)) and power patch cord (self- made) for power supply of hashboard; 2.1040 control board test fixture (fixture part number ZJ0001000001)

5.Demand for common maintenance spare materials: 0402 resistor (0R, 33R, 1K, 4.7K,); 0201 resistor (0R), 0402 capacitor (0.1uf, 1uf)

Job requirements

Maintenance personnel must have certain electronic knowledge, more than one year of maintenance experience, and be proficient in BGA / QFN / LGA package soldering technology.

  1. After repairing, the hash board must be tested to be OK for more than twice, otherwise, it shall be rejected.
  2. Please pay attention to the operation method when replacing the chip. There should be no obvious deformation of the PCB board after replacing any accessories. Check whether there are any open or short circuits, or missing parts in the replacement parts and the surroundings.
  3. Check the tools, confirm whether the test fixtures can work normally, determine the test software parameters for the maintenance station, and version of test fixtures, etc.
  4. After passing the repair and replacement chip test, you need to check the full chip before performing the functional test. The functional test shall ensure that the double-sided heat sinks are soldered OK and the cooling fan is at full speed. When using the chassis cooling function, you must put 3 hashboards at the same time to form air duct. The single-sided test of production must also ensure the formation of air ducts (important).
  5. When measuring the signal, two fans are used to dissipate heat as assistance measure, and the fans maintain full speed (Recommended to use a laser tachometer to check the rotation speed of the cooling fan.)
  6. For the front and back of the hash board, the steel windshield is under 20V voltage. During the measurement and maintenance, please keep the maintenance table clean and insulated to avoid short circuit during the maintenance.
  7. When replacing a new chip, apply solder paste on the pins and the BSM surface to ensure that the chip is pre-tinned before soldering to PCBA for maintenance.
  8. Fixtures at the maintenance end adopt Repair_Mode mode and config configuration files tested in non-scanning mode. After passing the test, the production end starts the production line from test piece; the after-sale end is normally installed and aged (installed at the same level). The test configuration file can be obtained from TE.