Refit Antminer S17 series heat sinks


Refit Antminer S17 series heat sinks

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Why choose us?
1. Upgrade the manufacturer of the heat sink kit, the technology is mature and professional, and the effect is better;
2. Several improvements are made to maintain its optimal cooling performance, and electrostatic coating is used to protect the
3. At present, we have upgraded 50000+ S17 (series machines) with a success rate of 98%;
4. We are a brand product with technical support, and we are more assured after sales.
Real Support Electronic Co.,Ltd
Other supplier
S17 series heat sink
S17 series heat sink
2-3 pcs of each board
fit perfectly
1 pcs of each board
heavy and big
Easy to operate
Simple and convenient,
professional aids
Difficult to use 
difficult to replace
professional brand
guaranteed quality
good after-sales service
No brand:
difficult to guarantee after sale
original heat sink
1.The latest version after many improvements, Good cooling effect
2. High success rate of modification
with insulating coating
1.Poor heat dissipation insulation
3. the larger the metal, the easier it is to deformcausing the heat sink and the chip not to fit together, and the chip temperature is too high.
As we know, the larger the metal, the easier it is to deform. If the heat sink was a whole big board, it won`t fit all the chips closely when using, and the chips temperature will getting higher, usually after 5 minutes according to our test & customer’s feedback who back to buy from us again.
Product Description

Advantages of the S17+ upgraded heatsink

The effect is better, the weight is lighter, and the modification success rate is higher!

Model Number
S17/S17+/T17/T17+/T17e  heat sinks
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Product List
1 set For 1 whole machine
Heat sink plate
Screw kit
Thermal pad
Product Details
Why S17 series machines have to change their heat sinks
(what is the pain)?
1.S17 series miner lose the heat sink and cause a short circuit, burn the board, and discard it, causing losses.
2.Changing the chips does not solve the problem fundamentally, the chips are shortage, and the maintenance cost is high
3.The second-hand machines are far below the market price compared with other similar machines, and cannot be sold, even will die during delivery

Refit heat sinks of S17 series miner
SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) – Easy to go
1. Remove heat sinks
2. Remove the tin on chips
3. Clean the dust
4. Clean the pad
5. Fix the tinned screw nut
(smaller hole side down ) on pad
6. Fix the heat sink plate on board(Thermal paste / pad on it –
Put it on board – Set the washer – Screw)
Why buy?
Refit your S17 (series miner) to make them alive
* Stable performance
* Save a lot of maintenance cost
* A better price to resell
Contact us to:
1. We can change the S17/S17+/T17/T17+/T17e electronic you want to buy in China(before they die in delivery)
2. You can buy our Heat sink plate kit to change.
3. If you are interested, you can be our agent of our product.

More design(Refit S19 in water cooling) is coming…

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 17 cm

S17 S17 Pro, S17+, T17, T17+, T17e


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