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NCP1399ACDR2G NCP1399AC high-performance current mode resonant controller with integrated high-voltage drivers


NCP1399ACDR2G / NCP1399AC of the NCP1399 series is a high-performance current mode controller for half-bridge resonant converters. This controller implements 600 V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. In applications where a PFC front stage is needed, the NCP1399 features a dedicated output to drive the PFC controller. This feature together with the dedicated skip mode technique further improves the light load efficiency of the whole application.

The NCP1399 provides a suite of protection features allowing the safe operation of any application. This includes overload protection, over−current protection to prevent hard switching cycles, brown−out detection, open optocoupler detection, automatic dead−time adjust, overvoltage (OVP)and overtemperature (OTP) protection. Available in SOIC-16 NB package.

NCP1399ACDR2G NCP1399AC Info:



1. Current Mode Control Scheme

2. Automatic Dead−time with Maximum Dead−time Clamp

3. Dedicated Startup Sequence for Fast Resonant Tank Stabilization

4. Skip Mode Operation for Improved Light Load Efficiency

5. Off−mode Operation for Extremely Low No−load Consumption

6. Latched or Auto−Recovery Overload Protection

7. Latched or Auto−Recovery Output Short Circuit Protection

8. Latched Input for Severe Fault Conditions, e.g. OVP or OTP

9. Out of Resonance Switching Protection

10. Open Feedback Loop Protection

11. Precise Brown−Out Protection

12. PFC Stage Operation Control According to Load Conditions

13. Startup Current Source with Extremely Low Leakage Current

14. Dynamic Self−Supply (DSS) Operation in Off−mode or Fault Modes

15. Pin to Adjacent Pin / Open Pin Fail Safe

16. These are Pb−Free Devices

17. High−Frequency Operation from 20 kHz up to 750 kHz




1. Adapters and Offline Battery Chargers

2. Flat Panel Display Power Converters

3. Computing Power Supplies

4. Industrial and Medical Power Sources


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