Original BM1397AH For Antminer S17 S17 Pro S17+ T17+ T17


BM1397AH And Tin Tool

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  • Application:  Antminer S17 S17 Pro S17+ T17+ T17
  • The chip needs to be used with Tin tool then can work.
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BM1397AH can replace the chip: BM1397AG BM1397AI BM1397AD

Refit Antminer S17 series miner heat sink to save maintenance costs

Antminer BM1397 BM1397AH chip supports the SHA256 algorithm, which can be used for mining encrypted digital currencies such as BTC and BCH, and will be used for the next-generation SHA256 algorithm of the new Antminer S17 and T17. BM1397 adopts global TSMC FinFET technology, integrates more than 1 billion transistors on a single chip, and is continuously optimized in circuit structure and low power consumption technology. The energy efficiency ratio of BM1397 is 30J/T. The high-quality Antminer BM1397AH can replace the damaged chips on the S17, S17+, S17Pro, T17, T17+ hash board. Please note that we recommend replacing a maximum of 5 damaged chips per hash board.

Brand new official accessories, genuine guarantee.

Requirements for maintenance platform / tool / equipment preparation(From official Bitmain)

1. Platform requirements: Rubber mat maintenance platform (the platform needs to be grounded), anti static wrist band and ground connection.

2. Equipment requirements: Constant temperature soldering iron (350–360℃), the head of tip soldering iron is used to solder small patches such as chip resistors and capacitors, etc.; heat gun, BGA rework station for Antminer S17e Antminer T17e chip / BGA disassembly and soldering; multimeter, soldering steel pin and shrink tubing for easy measurement (Fluke 15b+ recommended); oscilloscope (Agilent recommended)

3.Testing tool requirements: APW9 power supply and power patch cord (self- made) for power supply of hashboard; test fixture (fixture part number ZJ0001000001)

4.Requirements for maintenance auxiliary materials / tool: Low-temperature solder paste, flux solder paste, water for cleaning panel and anhydrous alcohol; water for cleaning panel; thermal pasteTin tool, ball-planting steel mesh, solder wire, solder ball (ball diameter is recommended to be 0.4mm); You can also choose the simple and convenient Bitmain Antminer hash board repair kit, which includes the necessary Antminer repair tools.

5.Demand for common maintenance spare materials: 0402 resistor (0R, 33R, 1K, 4.7K,); 0201 resistor (0R), 0402 capacitor (0.1uf, 1uf)

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Weight 0.5 公斤
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 厘米


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BM1397AH, Tin tool