Latest upgrade! Water Cooling Radiator For Miner & Server

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Water Cooling Radiator

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Latest upgrade! Water Cooling Radiator For Antminer S19/T19/S19PRO/S19j PRO Water Cooling Kit

Latest upgrade! No line is needed! Easier to install and more convenient to use!

*Because this one is heavy, we welcome wholesalers to buy in bulk to reduce logistics costs



Water pump:4500RPM 1300L/H
Fan: 800-3200RPM (Adjustable)
Power input: DC 12V
Material: Copper
Power consumption: 53W 3.5A
Cooling power: 6500W
Color: Black

DBA:38-45 decibels
Size: 83*58*24CM


With a powerful power pump, high lift, and high-temperature resistance. Transparent water tank, observe the change of water level at any time. Compared with the traditional air cooling system, the radiator has the characteristics of low noise, strong heat.

It can effectively reduce the temperature of the hash board and the speed of the fan, thereby prolonging the service life of miner. Directly purchasing the upgraded water-cooling kit for the hashboard can help miners save time and trouble, and improve the working efficiency of the mining machine.


Radiator needs to be used with upgraded water cooling Kit


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Advantages of our Antminer S19 upgraded water cooling Kit:

1.Silent, no need fan any more.
2.Reduce failure rate / Save maintainance cost, no dust and corrosion from air cooling.
3.Reduce power consumption (-200W); Can increase more rate by overclocking(S19 T19 30%, S19 Pro 60%); The water also can be used as a part of heating system, for energy recycling. 

Notice: “The Water ”can be Pure water, Distilled water, Antifreeze, but NO tap water to prevent impurity deposition.


Additional information

Weight 21 公斤
Dimensions 80 × 46 × 40 厘米