For the S19 series control board purchased from our official website, please upgrade to the correct and latest firmware. What’s more, you may encounter one of two situations:

1. The pre-set firmware is S17

There are two methods to upgrade from S17 firmware to S19 firmware: Online upgrading and SD Card upgrading.

No matter which method you choose, the control board needs to be restarted after upgrading. Please wait for more than 30 seconds to turn on the OTP function. It can’t be powered off during this process. Power failure will cause the OTP function to fail to turn on which also damage the control board.


  • Sudden power failure during OTP or less than 30s will cause the control board to fail to turn on the OTP function, and the control board will not start or not connected to the Internet. You need to replace U1 (control board main control IC FPGA). U1 can no longer be used on S19 series. 
  • For the control board with OTP function on, U1 cannot be used on other models;
  • The miners that have already turned on OTP function do not need to turn on again. 


2. The pre-set firmware is S19j Pro

In this case, the control board can be online upgraded directly to L7, D7, S19, T19, S19 Pro, S19+, S19i, S19j, S19j Pro etc. But once the firmware is updated to one of these model, you need to flash back the S19j Pro firmware first then online upgrade it accordingly, if you want to replace the firmware again.

★Online Upgrade Tutorial

★SD card flashing 

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us for assistance.