1. Thermostat soldering iron at 350-450 degrees Celsius, pointed solder tip for small patches like RC.
  2. Heat gun for chip disassembly and soldering, no long time heating in case of PCB blistering.
  3. APW3 power source with 12V and 133A Max output to test the hash board.
  4. Multimeter, tweezer, L3+ hash board tester.
  5. Scaling powder, cleaning water and anhydrous alcohol; cleaning water is used to clean the residue and appearance after maintenance.
  6. Tin grinder, tin tools, and solder paste; Solder tin for BM1485 chips upon renewals.
  7. Black Glue, to glue L3+ heat sinks after maintenance.

You can also choose Antminer L3+ repair Spare parts and tool kits. The repair bundle includes spare parts and necessiary tools needed to repair L3+, which is convenient and quick.

  1. Maintenance Personnel in possession of good electronics knowledge, 1 year+ experience and sound mastery of QFN encapsulation and soldering techniques.
  2. Check more than two times after maintenance and the result of each time is OK!
  3. Watch out for the techniques used, make sure of no obvious PCB deformation after changing any fittings, check for missing/open circuit/short circuit on parts.
  4. Check the maintenance target and corresponding test software parameter and hash board tester.
  5. Check the tools and tester.
  1. L3+ has 12 voltage domains connected in series, each domain has 6 BM1485 chips, and the entire board has 72 BM1485 chips.
  2. BM1485 chip has built-in voltage-reduction diodes, decided by designated pin of the chip.
  3. L3+ has 25M monocrystal oscillator on the clock, connecting in series and passing on from the 1st chip to the last chip.
  4. L3+ has independent Heat sinks on the back of each chip. SMT paster on the front and the one on the back was fixed on the back of the IC by heat conducting glue after initial testing. Upon completion of every maintenance, it has to be fixed by black GLUE (evenly distributed) on the back of the IC.

If you have certain maintenance knowledge, when your Antminer L3+ fails, you can purchase the necessary maintenance tools and accessories to repair the L3+ miner yourself, so as to reduce the profit loss caused by the miner failure.

Necessary maintenance tools and spare parts:

Desoldering station

Antminer ASIC BM1485 Tin Tool

Tin scraper

Flux solder paste

Low temperature solder paste

Fluke 15b+

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