APW12011 on APW12


Y106APW12011 Transformer

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Original Transformer APW12011 Y106APW12011 Transformer Auxiliary Circuit Transformer For Antminer S17 S19 Power Supply APW9 APW12


Y106APW12011 Info:


Y106APW12011 High-frequency transformer, this transformer is to supply power APW12 APW9 CPU 12V chip, input DC 380-420v, output DC circuit 12v-15v. A high frequency power transformer is a transformer that connects the input and output windings electrically.

High frequency transformers work the same as standard transformers; the only major difference is that they operate at a higher frequency. Normal transformers operate at 50-60 Hz and high frequency transformers operate between 20kHz and 1MHz. A major benefit of using high frequency transformers is their smaller size. The higher the frequency, the smaller the transformer size. Also, due to the smaller size, less copper wire is used, which reduces losses and helps improve the efficiency of the transformer.



1. The Y106APW12011 is a safety power transformer that can be used to avoid the risk of fortuitous contact with live bodies and the ground at the same time.
2. It is used for machine repair and maintenance and plays the role of protection, lightning protection, and select.


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