T4U48 4U48 And Template for T3+ T3+Pro Miner


T4U48 And Template

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T4U48 4U48 ASIC chip And Template for INNOSILICON T3+ / T3+Pro Miner

The T4U48 microcontroller is the main control chip for the control boards of the BTC miner Innosilicon T3+ and T3+ Pro. When your Innosilicon miner fails and does not work, you need to check whether the CPU chip of the control board is abnormal. When the main control chip does not work, you can restore the Innosilicon T3+ / T3+ Pro control board to normal by replacing the T4U48 ASIC chip in time. The miner continues to run.

T4U48 tin tool The best T4u48 chip tinning tool for ASIC chip replacement and tinning of INNOSILICON T3+ hash boards. The use of electrical and high temperature resistant composite materials is more durable than alloy materials of chip, in the processla It can effectively prevent the generation of electric charges and protect the chip. The steel mesh is made of high-quality materials, with precise positioning, high temperature resistance, and no deformation.

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Introduction to INNOSILICON T3+

The new generation of the best performance Innosilicon T3+ is a powerful mining machine based on the industry-leading T3+ ASIC technology. It has higher efficiency, durability, and cooling capacity and has better long-term stability. Its design is very good, reaching 57Th /s in 3300W high hash mode. In inefficiency mode, the efficiency can be as low as 46w/t. The miner adopts a 4-fan fault-tolerant design and an extra enhanced power supply, with fierce heat dissipation capacity and long service life , helping the majority of miners to operate in a long-term worry-free, and stable manner

Hash rate: 57 TH/s (+/-5%)
Power consumption: 3300W (+/-10%, wall surface, 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature)
Size: 335mm (length) *205mm (width) *293mm (height)
Net weight: 15kg
Allowable ambient temperature range: 0-40°C
Network connection: Ethernet

Introduction of Innosilicon T3+Pro:

Innosilicon T3+pro 67T 3300W BTC sha-256 Bitcoin Miner. Innosilicon T3+Pro has a computing power of up to 67TH/s, and the lowest energy consumption ratio is as low as 46J/T. It is extremely stable, highly reliable, and never out of date. The newly launched T3+Pro has more powerful performance and power consumption. 4-operating modes, integrating high performance and high computing power, a new generation of fault-tolerant design architecture, improving high temperature resistance and adaptive protection effects. Automatic temperature control, fierce heat dissipation capacity, irrelevant to machine risk, repair rate is much lower than 2%, maintenance-free operation, effective cost saving. Choosing Innosilicon T3+Pro67T saves time and effort and achieves low investment, , low risk and high protection.

Hashrate: 67TH/s (+/-5%)
Power Consumption:3300W ( +/- 10%, normal mode, at the wall, PSU efficiency: 93%, temperature: 25°C)
Net Weight: 13.53KG
Network Connection: Ethernet
Allowed ambient temperature range: 0°C to 40°C


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