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Original STM32G030F6P6 mainstream microcontroller with 8 Kbytes RAM

The STM32G030F6P6 mainstream microcontrollers are based on high-performance ArmCorte-M0+ 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 64 MHz frequency. Offering a high level of integration, they are suitable for a wide range of applications in consumer, industrial and appliance domains and ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The devices incorporate a memory protection unit (MPU), high-speed embedded memories (8 Kbytes of SRAM and up to 64 Kbytes of Flash program memory with read protection, write protection), DMA, an extensive range of system functions, enhanced I/Os, and peripherals.

The devices operate within ambient temperatures from -40 to 85°C and with supply voltages from 2.0 V to 3.6 V. Optimized dynamic consumption combined with a comprehensive set of power-saving modes allows the design of low-power applications.

This devices come in TSSOP20 packages and ECOPACK 2 compliant.

Flash memory (Kbyte): 32
SRAM (Kbyte): 8 with parity
Timers Advanced control: 1 (16-bit)
Timers General-purpose: 4 (16-bit)
GPIOs: 17
Wakeup pins: 4
12-bit ADC channels(external + internal): 14 + 2
Max. CPU frequency: 64 MHz
Operating voltage: 2.0 to 3.6 V
Number of pins: 20