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Original CM6901 CM6901X CM6901XISTR SOP-16 ynchronous rectifier chip

CM6901XISTR is an SLS, SRC/LLC + SR resonant controller on APW3++ power supply, and it can work in SRC and LLC area, synchronous rectification for high efficiency. In addition, it is used for DC-DC conversion in offline applications. Its light load regulation is achieved by switching the controller from frequency modulation mode to PWM mode. To achieve the best balance performance between hold-up time and efficiency, its frequency range spans fr1 (resonant frequency).




• Smaller and thinner transformers
• 20ms with reasonable bulk cap (hold time)
• SLS, SRC/LLC + SR resonant controller
• Supply voltage range: 10V to 20V
• UVLO =11V with 1V hysteresis
• Reference OK comparator
• FM + 2 PWMING mode operation
• Light Load PWMING (light load regulation)
• SR ideal diode PWMING (cross resonant frequency application)
• GM FEAO, FM modulation error amplifier
• GM DEAO, PWM error amplifier
• Closed-loop soft-start capability with the shutdown.
• Automatic restart during current limiting
• Precision 2.5V VFB threshold for constant voltage feedback loop
• Precision 1V I limit threshold

• DC-DC power supply
• APW3++ PSUs

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