28070A PFC



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New original UCC28070 UCC28070A Interleaving Continuous Conduction Mode PFC Controller

The UCC28070 is an advanced power factorcorrection (PFC) device that integrates two pulsewidth modulators (PWMs) operating 180° out of phase. This interleaved PWM operation generates substantial reduction in the input and output ripple currents, allowing the conducted-EMI filtering to become easier A significantly improved multiplier design provides a shared current reference to two independent current amplifiers that ensures matched average-current mode control in both PWM outputs while maintaining a stable, low distortion, sinusoidal input-line current.

UCC28070 device contains multiple innovations including current synthesis and quantized voltage feed-forward to promote performance enhancements in PF, efficiency, THD, and transient response. Features including frequency dithering, clock synchronization, and slew rate enhancement further expand the potential performance enhancements. A variety of protection features including output-overvoltage detection, programmable peak-current limit, undervoltage lockout, and open-loop protection.


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1. Interleaved Average Current-Mode PWM Control With Inherent Current Matching
2. Advanced Current Synthesizer Current Sensing for Superior Efficiency
3. Highly-Linear Multiplier Output With Internal Quantized Voltage Feed-Forward Correction for Near-Unity PF
4. Programmable Frequency from 30 kHz to 300 kHz
5. Programmable Maximum Duty-Cycle Clamp
6. Programmable Frequency-Dithering Rate and Magnitude for Enhanced EMI Reduction
– Magnitude: 3kHz to 30kHz
– Rate: Up to 30 kHz
7. External-Clock Synchronization Capability
8. Enhanced Load and Line Transient Response through Voltage Amplifier Output Slew-Rate Correction
9. Programmable Peak Current Limiting
10. Bias-Supply UVLO, Overvoltage Protection, OpenLoop Detection, and PFC-Enable Monitoring
11. External PFC-Disable Interface
12. Open-Circuit Protection on VSENSE and VINAC pins
13. Programmable Soft-Start


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