2*7PIN Signal cable For Whatsminer P21 P21D P221C P222C P221B P222B


2*7PIN Signal cable

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Whatsminer PSU signal cable is used to connect the control board and the power supply. Its main function is to supply power to the control board. It is a 14-pin(2*7 pin) cable. Please note that when using this cable to connect the control board and the PSU, the buckles must correspond to each other, and the plug of the data cable cannot be forcibly inserted into the socket. If it is inserted backwards or wrongly, the control board may be burnt out when the power supply is turned on!

Whatsminer PSU P21: whatsminer M20, M21, M21D, M20S M21S

Whatsminer PSU P21D: whatsminer M3, M10S, M20S, M21S, M30S, M31S

Whatsminer PSU P221C: whatsminer M30s, M31s.

Whatsminer P222C PSU: whatsminer M31s

Whatsminer P221B P222B PSU: Whatsminer M50 M50s

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 10 cm

NBTC, Whatsminer

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2*7PIN Signal cable


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