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FAN7688SJX marking FAN7688: Power Supply Controller Secondary-Side Controller, Synchronous Rectifier 16-SOP


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The FAN7688 is an advanced PFM controller for LLC resonant converters with SR. It provides best-in-class efficiency for isolated DC/DC converters.

It uses a charge control based current mode control technique where the delta waveform from the oscillator is combined with integrated switching current information to determine the switching frequency. This provides better power stage control of the output transfer function. And simplifies the feedback loop design. It also allows true input power limiting capability.

Closed-loop soft-start prevents error amplifier saturation and allows the output voltage to rise monotonically, regardless of load conditions. Double-edge tracking adaptive dead-time control minimizes body diode on-time, thereby maximizing efficiency.


1. Desktop ATX, desktop derivatives, blade servers, and telecom power supplies
2. Intelligent 100W-2kW+ offline power supply
3. High Efficiency Isolated DC-DC Converter
4. Large screen display power
5. Industrial power

Features :

1. Secondary-side PFM controller for LLC resonant converter with synchronous rectifier control
2. Charge current control for better transient response and simple feedback loop design
3. Adaptive synchronous rectification control with dual-edge tracking
4. Closed-loop soft-start with monotonically rising output
5. Wide operating frequency (39 kHz~690 kHz)
6. Green functions that improve light load efficiency
    1. Symmetrical PWM Control at Light Loads to Limit Switching
    2. Frequency to reduce switching losses
    3. Disable SR at light load
7. Automatic restart protection function
    1. Over Current Protection (OCP)
    2. Output Short Circuit Protection (OSP)
    3. Non-Zero Voltage Switching Protection (NZS)
8. Compensation cut (frequency shift)
   1. Limit power by compensating cut (frequency shift)
   2. Overload Protection (OLP) with Programmable Shutdown Delay
9. Time
   1.  Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
   2. Programmable Dead Time for Primary Side Switch and Secondary Side Synchronous Rectifier
   3. VDD undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
   4.  Wide operating temperature range of −40°C to +125°C

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