Professional 20g/1000g Thermal Gel for hashboard


20g / 980g Gel

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Professional 20g/980g Thermal Gel for hashboard

Please keep Cooling 

It is a thermal conductive gel for the Hash board and control board to enhance heat dissipation. This thermally conductive gel has excellent insulation, chemical resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, no cracking after curing, and is fast and convenient.(Hashboard ASIC chips cannot use thermally conductive gel, The ASIC chip of Hash board uses Hash board thermal grease, Hashboard chips other than ASIC chips can use thermally conductive gel)

Faster cooling by efficient conduction: good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, and high and low-temperature resistance

High safety: does not contain any metal particles, has good insulation, does not conduct electricity, and does not corrode electrical components

Easy to apply: Easy to apply film, even if it is the first application, it can be easily applied

Labor-saving piston design: ergonomic design, easier to grasp when pushing, sealed and fresh-keeping design, effectively prolonging life

Operation method: Clean the chip surface with plate washing water, take a spatula and apply thermally conductive gel to the surface of the chip to enhance heat dissipation.


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 厘米
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20g, 980g