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PICkit3 Kit3 PIC Programming Tools

PICkit 3 Kit3 In-Circuit Debugger Programmer PICkit3 is an online debugger programmer, the official authentic product, and the economy is stable. It is suitable for programming and programming in various situations, and can also burn hash PIC files.

Features of PICKIT3(Kit3):

1) PICkit 3(Kit3) will be faster. The main chip of PICkit3 is PIC24, which is slightly faster than Pickit2.

2) Expand offline download space (512Bytes), PICkit2 (128Bytes), realize offline programming of Microchip microcontroller:

3) Provide a more accurate reference voltage source, increase the voltage range (1.8-5V VDD; 1.8-14V VPP), PICkit2 (2.5-5V VDD);

4) More chip series are supported. Currently, PICkit 3 already supports PI016F193X and PI032; PICkit 2 will not support debugging of PI032 in the future;

5) KIT3 already supports WIN7 system, PICkit 2 does not support;

6) Offline programming will never crash. Perfect support for all versions of software MPLAB, MPLABX off-programming will never crash, and the programming speed is faster.

7) PICKIT3 never loses firmware. Firmware self-recovery, no need to remove the shell, no need to flash the program to automatically restore the firmware in 1 minute.

8) Strengthen interface protection. Adopt 1812 resettable fuse and powerful protection circuit.

9) The programming voltage is stable and the power supply current is large. Improve the interface protection circuit. Short circuit is not bad.

Please note: Some chips require a debug header to debug, usually less-pin chips below 20pin

PICkit 3

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PICkit 3 PIC programmer

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