KF1921 KF1930 KF1950 KF1958 IC Chip & Tin tool


KF1921 KF1930 KF1950 KF1958


Whatsminer Chip KF1921 KF1930 KF1950 KF1958 & Tin tool

The chip needs to be used with Tin tool then can work

Please Order : KF1921 KF1950 KF1930 KF1958 Tin tool

KF1921: We sell original Whatsminer chip KF1921 for M20 M21 M20S M21S to all whatsminer lovers at reasonable price and higher quality. We guarantee quality and fast delivery!

KF1930: KF1930 ASIC chip for replacement and repair of Whatsminer M3x M3xS M30 M30S M31 M31S M32 M32S miners.

KF1950: KF1950 is used to replace the ASIC chip of M30 series hash board. It is the core chip that the Whatsminer Hashboard starts to run. As long as one is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one, so as not to affect the normal operation of the hash board. Fast delivery and ample supply.

KF1958: KF1958 ASIC chip for M30s M30s+ M30plus

KF19XX tinned stencil is often used to repair the Wrong KF19XX ASIC chip , easy to tin and replace. Produced by high-speed numerical control technology, the thickened steel plate material and precise hole position make the steel mesh more durable. The KF19XX chip can be easily removed, which is convenient and efficient to use. The size of the tin steel mesh is 80*80mm, using environmentally friendly materials and laser cutting parameters, with good flatness, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, and anti-expansion. This stencil is used to replace faulty stencil of Whats KF19XX tin tool. 


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KF1921, KF1930, KF1950, KF1958, KF19XX Tin tool




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