SGM2036 ADJ 

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Original SQ7XX SQ7LA SQ7JK SQ7JL SQ7KC SQ7JI SQ7JH SQ7JG SQ7JJ SQ71A SQ7XX SGM2036-ADJ SGM2036 ADJYN5G SOT-23-5 Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO)


The SGM2036-ADJYN5G/TR low power, low dropout, CMOS linear regulators are perfect for low voltage, low power applications. PLL 0.8V power supply for Antminer 17 series, 19 series hash board. Low ground current makes this part attractive for battery powered power systems. And also provides low dropout voltage to extend battery life in portable electronics. Other features include 10nA logic-controlled shutdown mode, short-circuit current limit, and thermal shutdown protection. The LDO has an auto-discharge feature that quickly discharges VOUT in the disabled state. This is available in a green SOT-23-5 package. Its operating ambient temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. And it is a spare part for repairing Antminer hash boards.