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Original ICE3PCS01G Marking 3PCS01 Standalone Power Factor Correction PFC IC for PSU PSU3300-01 PLUS1

The ICE3PCS01G is a 14-pins wide input range controller IC for active power factor correction converters. It is designed for converters in boost topology, and requires few external components. Its power supply is recommended to be provided by an external auxiliary supply which will switch on and off the IC.

Product Highlights

• High efficiency over the whole load range
• Lowest count of external components
• Accurate and adjustable switching frequency
• Bulk voltage good signal for inrush relay control or PWM IC enabling
• Integrated digital voltage loop compensation
• Fast output dynamic response during load jump
• External synchronization
• Extra low peak current limitation

• Continuous current operation mode PFC
• Wide input range of Vcc up to 25V
• Programmable boost follower step level according to input line and output power conditions
• Enhanced dynamic response without input current distortion
• Accurate brown-out protection threshold
• External current loop compensation for greater user flexibility
• Open loop protection
• Second over bulk voltage protection
• PFC enable function
• Separate signal and power ground pins
• Maximum duty cycle of 95% (typical)

Additional information

Package / Case

14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)

Mounting Type

Surface Mount

Operating Temperature

-25°C ~ 125°C

Voltage - Supply

11V ~ 25V

Current - Startup

380 µA

Frequency - Switching

21kHz ~ 100kHz


Continuous Conduction (CCM)

Product Name

ICE3PCS01G Marking 3PCS01