BM1393 BM1393B and tin tool For Antminer S9K S9se


BM1393B & Tin tool

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Original BM1393 BM1393B ASIC chip For Antminer S9K S9 SE hashboard

If Antminer S9k S9se hashboard fails, the hash rate of the miner will decrease, or even become zero. You only need to disconnect all the hash boards in turn and observe the overall hash rate to find out which hash board is faulty. Using  S9 Tester , find out the faulty parts, if the power chip is damaged, you can use BM1393B or BM1393CE chip to replace it.

Antminer S9se (16Th) miner uses the SHA-256 algorithm, the maximum hash rate is 16Th/s, and the power consumption is 1280W. Another major improvement of the Antminer S9se is the adjustment of the heat dissipation structure, which is equipped with a new fan speed control logic and adopts the design of unequal height heat sinks. Improving the heat dissipation structure improves the uniformity of the heat dissipation of the miner, the operation of the miner is more stable, and the mining efficiency is higher. The firmware’s high temperature and pressure reduction mechanism ensures the stability of the miner when the environment is high temperature, and the automatic high temperature and fan abnormal protection mechanism ensures that the miner is still safe and reliable under abnormal conditions.

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Weight 0.3 公斤
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 厘米

Bitmain, NBTC

Product Name

BM1393B, Tin tool

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