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New original SI8261BBD SI8261BBD-C-ISR 4A 5KV Gate Driver Capacitive Coupling 6-SDIP for WhatsPower P21 PSU Power Supply
The Si826x isolators are pin-compatible, drop-in upgrades for popular opto-coupled gate drivers, such as 0.6 A ACPL-0302/3020, 2.5 A HCPL-3120/ACPL-3130, HCNW3120/3130, and similar opto-drivers. The devices are ideal for driving power MOSFETs and IGBTs used in a wide variety of inverter and motor control applications.
The Si826x isolated gate drivers utilize Skyworks Solutions’ proprietary silicon isolation technology, supporting up to 5.0 kVRMS withstand voltage per UL1577 and 10kV surge protection per VDE 0884-10. This technology enables higher-performance, reduced variation with temperature and age, tighter part-to-part matching, and superior common-mode rejection compared to opto-coupled gate drivers. While the input circuit mimics the characteristics of an LED, less drive current is required, resulting in higher efficiency. Propagation delay time is independent of input drive current, resulting in consistently short propagation times, tighter unit-to-unit variation, and greater input circuit design flexibility. As a result, the Si826x series offers longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to opto-coupled gate drivers. Automotive Grade is available for certain part numbers.
These products are built using automotive-specific flows at all steps in the manufacturing process to ensure the robustness and low defectivity required for automotive applications.
 IGBT/ MOSFET gate drives
 Industrial, HEV and renewable energy inverters
 AC, Brushless, and DC motor controls and drives
 Variable speed motor control in consumer white goods
 Isolated switch mode and PSU power supplies