New! Canaan Avalon 1166 control board


Avalon 1166 control board

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Avalon 1166 control board

Malfunction self-examination

Boot Failure:
1.Failure Phenomenon
Miner fan does not turn on or LED light does not turn on after boot.

2.Possible Cause
The fan wiring of the mining machine is loosened, the power supply line of the control board of the mining machine is disconnected, the AC power input is not connected, the power module is broken, the control board is broken, and the power output is short-circuit protected.

3.Inspection and repair method
– Power on the whole machine, turn on the power switch of the miner and plug in the network cable connected to the switch (or router). Check that the network port link light is blinking. If the network portlight is off, the MM control board is out of power. You need to check the power cable connection, replace the power supply, or check whether there is a short circuit in the power output.
-If the network port light is on, but the MM control board LED is off, you need to replace the MM control board.
-If the MM control board LED is on but the fan does not rotate, check the fan cable or replace the fan.