New BM1766 BM1766AA and tin tool for Antminer D9


BM1766AA and tin tool

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  • Application: Antminer D9
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New BM1766 BM1766AA Asic chip and tin tool for Bitmain Antminer D9

The BM1766AA ASIC chip is specially designed to repair and replace Antminer D9 faulty hash board chips. It effectively solves the miner’s problem of low hash rate or 0 hash rate, thereby extending the service life of your D9 hash board and ultimately helping you earn more profits . Using the new BM1766AA ASIC chip to replace the faulty chip on the Antminer D9 hash board can effectively restore the miner’s performance and hash rate. This high-quality chip is designed to meet the specific requirements of the Antminer D9 hash board, maximizing the miner’s mining capabilities.

Bitmain’s Antminer D9 (1770 GH/s) is the latest and most profitable ASIC miner for mining DASH cryptocurrency on the X11 algorithm. The new circuit configuration offers an impressive power efficiency of 1.6J/G, further improving the power efficiency ratio compared to its predecessor, the Antminer D7. Antminer D9 adopts the flagship design of the S19 series to provide safe and efficient mining operations. As a result, Bitmain D9 has extremely high performance, the maximum hash rate can reach 1770G h/s, and the power consumption is only 2839W.

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BM1766AA, BM1766AA tin tool