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MSP10065V1 10A 650V 1.5V SiC Schottky Diode TO-220 for Power Applications

The MSP10065V1 diode features a 650V rating, allowing it to handle high-voltage applications such as PFC (Power Factor Correction), power inverters, and converters. Its shorter recovery time and high-speed switching capabilities enable efficient and high-frequency operation. The diode exhibits temperature-independent switching behavior and extremely fast switching characteristics.

With a positive temperature coefficient on VF (forward voltage), the MSP10065V1 offers improved safety margin against overvoltage and delivers increased efficiency across all load conditions. By reducing heat sink requirements and allowing parallel device configurations without thermal runaway, it optimizes system design and performance. Additionally, the diode minimizes switching losses, further enhancing overall efficiency.

Technical Features:
650V Schottky rectifier
Shorter recovery time
High-speed switching possible
High-frequency operation
Temperature-independent switching behavior
extremely fast switching
Positive temperature coefficient on VF

Higher safety margin against overvoltage
Improved efficiency in all load conditions
Increased efficiency compared to silicon diode alternatives
Reduction of heat sink requirements
Parallel devices without thermal runaway
Essentially no switching losses