8*8*2.5CM 12V cooling Fan 2PIN 4PIN 8025 For Goldshell Miner Power Supply


8cm cooling Fan For Goldshell Miner Power Supply

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8*8*2.5CM 12V Fan 2PIN 4PIN 8025 For Goldshell Miner Power Supply


8025 Power Supply fan 2 pin/4 pin for GoldShell Miner

High quality 80*80*25mm Goldshell ASIC miner power cooling fan. When the temperature of your miner is too high, it will seriously affect the mining efficiency of your miner. When the temperature inside the power supply exceeds the normal operating temperature range, the power consumption of the miner will increase significantly and may cause damage to the power supply being supplied, increasing additional electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Buy an 8025 cooling fan for the PSU of your Goldshell miner, the speed of 4250 RPM cools the power supply in time and optimizes the protection ability under overclocking and overheating conditions, can improve the long-term value of the miner and the power supply unit.

Also suitable for Amply Radiator MOD, Mini PC, Wifi Box, Hard Disk Radiator, Bridge Chip, etc.


Model: AFC0612D-BF20
Voltage: 12v
Current: 0.41A
Size: 80*80*25mm
Material: ABS
Shaft: Double bearing
Air flow: 23.4 CFM (0.655m³/min)
Noise 34.0dB(A)
Pin line: 2P/4P, with speed indicator wire, PWM speed control cable

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2 pin, 4pin


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