Mosfet 5C430L

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Original NTMFS5C430NL NTMFS5C430NLT1G Single N−Channel Power MOSFET Marking 5C430L AO3ZZ MOSFET N-CH 40V 200A 

Product details:

Technology: Si
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package / Case: SO-8FL-4
Transistor Polarity: N-Channel
Number of Channels: 1 Channel
Vds – Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage: 40 V
Id – Continuous Drain Current: 200 A
Rds On – Drain-Source Resistance: 2.2 mOhms
Vgs – Gate-Source Voltage: – 20 V, + 20 V
Vgs th – Gate-Source Threshold Voltage: 1.2 V
Qg – Gate Charge: 70 nC
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 55°C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 175°C
Pd – Power Dissipation: 110 W
Channel Mode: Enhancement
Brand: onsemi
Configuration: Single
Fall Time: 9 ns
Rise Time: 140 ns
Subcategory: MOSFETs
Typical Turn-Off Delay Time: 31 ns
Typical Turn-On Delay Time: 15 ns

• Small Footprint (5×6 mm) for Compact Design
• Low RDS(on) to Minimize Conduction Losses
• Low QG and Capacitance to Minimize Driver Losses
• These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant

NTMFS5C430NL is commonly used in high performance DC-DC converters, DC motor drive, point of load modules and other devices, and has the benefits of minimizing conduction losses and minimizing switching losses.

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