330uF 30V Capacitors


330uF 30V SMD Solid Aluminum Capacitors

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330uF 30V Capacitor EPMV1U331M1012TR 10*12.5mm Solid Aluminum Capacitors electrolytic capacitor

1. 330uf 30V chip capacitors are easy to distinguish positive and negative polarity, and the price is relatively cheap.
2. The positive foil of the 330uf 30V chip capacitor is Al2O3, and its dielectric oxide film can withstand high electric field strength.
3. The 330uf 30V chip capacitor has self-healing characteristics during power-on. If the dielectric oxide film is defective or defective, it can be repaired by itself during the working process of the capacitor. The insulating ability of the surface is greatly reduced, and the explosive breakdown of the dielectric is greatly reduced.


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