Professional Solder Paste for hashboard / Control Board


Solder paste

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1. Diversified compatibility, suitable for various welding environments, with high compatibility.

2. Original authentic products, stable and rigorous production process, give you good quality.

3. Environmentally friendly products.

4. Using low temperature solder paste for soldering process can protect components and PCBs that cannot withstand high temperature reflow soldering.

5. The viscosity is moderate, and there is basically no collapse, and the chip components are not easy to shift.

6. Strong wettability, good wettability and welding performance.

7. The storage time in refrigerated environment is as long as 12 months, the stickiness is lasting, and it is not easy to dry out.

Note: If stored for a long time, please put the low melting temperature solder paste in the refrigerator.

Because Solder Paste, Thermal Paste, Glue, etc. are pastes, most express delivery does not carry, so the freight is more expensive than ordinary goods

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Weight 0.5 公斤
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 厘米
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500g, 50g