Refurbished Antminer S19 Pro 110T Upgraded water cooling miner


Refurbished Upgraded Antminer S19 Pro water cooling miner

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Antminer S19 Pro:We upgrade and Refit Antminer S19 Pro 110th. As we all know that water cooling is better than air cooling, water cooling can transfer heat from the heating core and then dissipate heat, and water cooling efficiency is relatively high, This greatly reduces the speed of the fan, thereby effectively improving noise pollution . Without increasing power consumption, the hash board can be kept in a suitable temperature environment for a long time, and the overclocking project can be carried out smoothly

Antminer S19 Pro achieves 110 ± 3% TH/s leading the industry through performance. The power consumption of Antminer S19 Pro is 3250 ± 5% W and the power efficiency is 29.5 ± 5% J/ TH, further improving its predecessor s efficiency.

Antminer S19 Pro has a new generation chip with modern architecture, and the power efficiency is as low as 23 J/TH. It is achieved by enhancing the circuit architecture. Use new power supply APW12 with high conversion efficiency.


Do you want to upgrade your Antminer S19 Air-cooling to Water-cooling by an easy way?

1.Silent, no need fan any more.
2.Reduce failure rate / Save maintainance cost, no dust and corrosion from air cooling.
3.Reduce power consumption (-200W);
Can increase more rate by over clocking(S19 T19 30%, S19 Pro 60%);  The water also can be used as a part of heating system, for energy recycling. 

Notice: “The Water ”can be Pure water, Distilled water, Antifreeze, but NO tap water to prevent impurity deposition. 

Upgraded Antminer S19 T19 S19 Pro Water-cooling heat sink

5 Steps

SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) – Easy to go

1.Disassemble the mainboard and heatsink.
2.Remove the gel on chips and clean.
3.Brush the gel on water cooling heatsink
4.Assemble upgraded mainboards, back plate, water divider.
5.Assemble the fan simulator, and original water pipe.


Water-cooling kit (For 1 machine)
Gel 20g (For 1 machine or more)
Gel 1000g(For 100 machine)
If order 100 kits, we willl provide Gel 1000g + 1 Stencil & brush for free.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 57 × 47 × 32 cm

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