New 12V 1.65A 4Pin Miner Cooling Fan 120mm*120mm*38mm


120mm*120mm*38mm Cooling Fan

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New Antminer Air-cooling Miner Fan 4Pin 12V 1.65A 12038 cooling fan 120*120*38mm


Antminer Air-cooling Miner Fan for Antminer S9 series,T9 series, S11, V9, 15 series, 17 series, 19 series, A3, B7, D3, D5, DR3, DR5, E3, K5, L3 series, X3, Z9 series, Z11 series, Z15

Product parameters: 120mm outer diameter fan.
Brand: Electric / Nidec
Model: W12E12BS1B5-07
Size: 120*120*38mm
Bearing: High precision double ball bearing
Interface: 4P
Standard voltage: 12V
Current: 1.65A
Speed: 6000RPM
Noise value: 70.5DBA
Air volume: 267CFM
Working life: 10.0000 hours


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